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Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation and a pleasant state of mind that EVERYONE experiences many times a day.
You experience this state as you drop off to sleep, as you to wake up, when reading a book, watching TV or playing games. It’s like daydreaming or drifting into another “zone”. It’s a feeling of inner awareness or “going inside yourself”. Your mind drifts away from the conscious “here and now”, rational, analytical and critical thinking and drifts into the calm, deeper subconscious level of communication. This is known as “Natural Hypnosis” and has incredible benefits for everyday life. Benefits such as: lowering blood pressure, improving digestion, increased energy, better sleep, calmer thoughts, controlled actions, clear focus, better functioning body and so much more. Hypnosis is well recognised in medicine and psychology for the incredible benefits it has to well being, not to mention the latest research is “mind blowing”!
EVERYONE drifts in and out of this natural state throughout the day. It’s been estimated this happens up to 80 times per day, therefore it’s familiar, natural and part of every day human existence. Hypnosis is safe, easy and wonderful.

Hypnosis is part of the Hypnobirthing programme – making it incredibly effective! Scroll down for more information about Hypnobirthing

Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy – What’s the Difference?

Hypnotherapy is “Intended Hypnosis” plus therapeutic intervention for a specific outcome or goal. This heightened focus and awareness can be utilised to effectively create positive change in may aspects of your life. With the guidance of a trained Hypnotherapist, deeper hypnosis can be induced and you are able to tap into the powerful resources that are held in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind holds valuable resources that have always been there but are not always realised on a conscious level. By harnessing your inner power to facilitate positive change, you can gain new insights, understanding, resolution, behaviours and thoughts.

It is important to understand that our subconscious mind is a deeper level of the mind and is responsible for change. The subconscious also holds our memories, beliefs, habits, fears, and patterns of behaviours which come from the past and dictate our responses to the experiences we have today. Some old beliefs and behaviours may be outdated, inappropriate, no longer needed or perhaps not even realised. Hypnotherapy is a way of “updating” our mind/system – just like up-dating a computer. You need to access the hard drive on a computer to make changes, a memory stick just won’t do it!
Hypnotherapy is very familiar, comfortable and safe. During hypnosis you are aware of EVERYTHING that is said, you’re able to talk and you maintain personal control throughout. It’s an amazing experience!

NOTE: Hypnotherapy is very different from what you might have seen on TV or a stage show which are designed for entertainment purposes. There’s no clucking like a chicken or barking like a dog!

The easier you can make it inside your head, the easier it will make things outside your head

— Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP

Did you know, we have up to 60,000 thoughts a day and about 90% of our thoughts are the same every day which reinforces the “old stuff” – good or bad. Our thoughts and beliefs create the foundation for our life experiences so making adjustments to any negative thoughts or beliefs that are holding you back is a key to achieving the happiness you deserve.

What Can Hypnotherapy Help With?

  • Instinctive Hypnobirthing
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Trauma (PTSD)
  • Immune System
  • Exam Anxiety
  • Sleep Issues
  • Skin Problems
  • Weight Release
  • Quit Smoking
  • Habits
  • Performance/success

Hypnotic Gastric Band and Emotional Release Weight Management Protocol

And So Much More!

Willpower and Determination- Why Hasn’t it Worked?

Willpower and determination are aspects of the conscious mind. For a time, digging deep and putting in a determined effort will work, but when real life and challenges kick in, and they do, old habits return – sometimes causing more problems than before.
Past memories, fears, beliefs, behaviours, habits, perceptions and programmes are stored in the subconscious mind. Like the hard drive on a computer, they become “automated” and dictate how we respond to the experiences we have today. When these “old programmes” are outdated, inappropriate and/or negative, as hard as you try, willpower and determination only go so far because the changes you really want need to be made on a subconscious level.
Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to tap into the incredible power of the subconscious mind –the deeper part of the mind– where these programmes are stored. Old, unwanted behaviours, memories, beliefs and perceptions can be processed, updated and changed. Thoughts and feeling that may not be known by the conscious mind can be explored and understood. Any outdated programmes can be modified allowing you to make positive changes and giving you freedom to create the life you choose.

How Long Has Hypnosis Been Around?

Hypnosis dates back to the ancient Egyptian civilisation of 3300 BC (possibly earlier) and has been used as a therapeutic tool by most cultures throughout history because it works!
Today, hypnosis evokes ideas of clucking like a chicken or barking like a dog. These misconceptions are rife thanks to media, TV and stage shows. However, there is a much greater truth about this curious modality of hypnosis and the latest scientific evidence is now proving why this modality has been used for thousands of years. And it’s truly fascinating!



Is There Proof?

Scientists have proven the effectiveness of hypnotherapy as a treatment for many medical and psychological issues, sports performance, academic achievement, business success and much more. There are thousands of studies that can be researched on this subject.
Hypnotherapy has been medically approved by the The American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Psychiatric Association (APA) since 1958. (And they are very stringent in their processes.)
PubMed is one of the world’s largest databases on scientific research. They have made reference to over 11,00 studies on hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
Hypnotherapy has been determined to be a safe, effective treatment for numerous conditions.

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Hypnobirthing is a method of birthing that is backed by science and taps into your natural, instinctive ability to birth calmly and naturally – as nature intended.
Utilising proven tools and techniques such as breathing, relaxation, hypnosis, visualisations and positive affirmations, your birth experience can be empowering, relaxed and calm, whatever the circumstances may be.

Hypnobirthing has been used for decades to successfully create an incredible birthing experience for many mums and has application to any type of birth you are planning.

Having a calm, positive birth experience becomes “the norm” for mum’s who learn the techniques of Hypnobirthing and practice these techniques throughout her pregnancy so she is able to work with her body during labour. A woman’s body is designed to birth naturally because the uterus is simply an organ in the body doing its job.
What other organ in the body causes pain when functioning correctly?

The Instinctive Births/Hypnotherapy course will help you to:

  • Tap into what you already know instinctively on a deeper level
  • Increase your confidence and trust in your body and baby
  • Learn techniques that will allow you to flow through your unique birthing experience
  • Enjoy calm, peaceful focus and control (Many woman fear losing control during birth)
  • Release any fears and doubts that you may or may not be aware of (see below about fear)
  • Work with your body for a faster, easier and smoother birth
  • Work with your birthing partner for added support, encouragement and connection
  • Have a wonderful, positive birth story, whatever may arise
  • Enjoy parenting with greater intuition, confidence and love

Fear Creates Tension and Tension Creates Pain.

Fear is the enemy in the birthing environment! Underlying or unknown fears can surface, causing tension in the body, adrenaline to release and pain in the body. You’ve all heard some horror stories, right? Even the comments you heard as a child are stored in the subconscious mind along with “Family Traditions” about birthing (ie: All the woman in our family have terrible births). These known and sometimes unknown beliefs show up as fear because your subconscious mind wants to protect you from pain and danger – that’s it’s job. Hypnobirthing utilises hypnosis to tap into any underlying fears, resolving and releasing them so you are able to create the wonderful, positive birthing experience you deserve!

By releasing fears and implementing the tools and techniques of hypnobirthing, a mother feels calm, confident and trusts her birthing body to function as it has been designed to. Her natural instincts are able to guide the process and provide a confident, calm experience for her and baby.

“An anxious mind cannot exist in a relaxed body.”

Edmond Jacobson
Babies Touch The World With Love

Research has proven that hormones released by the mother during pregnancy and birth, cross the placenta and form part of the ‘blueprint’ or memory for the baby’s life. When mum is relaxed, calm and confident, baby will be influenced, by those same hormones, both in uterine and life.

Hypnobirthing Techniques Produce Amazing Results

Hypnobirthing Mums Tend to:

  • Appear very calm, confident and focused
  • Trust their mind and body to birth instinctively
  • Breath deeply and rhythmically through surges or waves (contractions)
  • Achieve deep relaxation and maintain it throughout their birthing experience
  • Have more effective waves and surges shortening the labour
  • Manage birthing sensations calmly
  • Work confidently with their body
  • Maintain stable blood pressure and oxygen levels
  • Have more energy
  • Feel waves and surges are very short (hypnosis creates “time distortion”)
  • Require less medical intervention
  • Recover quickly and easily postnatally
  • Breastfeed naturally and smoothly
  • Have less chance of suffering from postnatal depression

Hypno – Babies Tend to be:

  • Calmer
  • Happier
  • Alert
  • More settled and easy-going
  • Feed better
  • Confidently adapt to the world around them
  • Have higher APGAR scores
Love, Love, Love

“The power is in the practice.”

Karen Griffen

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Bonus: These tool and techniques are transferable to other aspects of your life. They can be used by you, your partner, and benefit baby too! They are “life changing” in many ways!

Scroll down to see how these skills can be transferred to your parenting experience.

Partner Support

YES, this is for you too!

Partners are encouraged to be active participants during pregnancy and birth. Their trust, belief and confidence are important. They are an essential part of the process and when calm and relaxed, they provide vital strength and support throughout the experience.

The techniques and skills are transferable to their life situations as well.

Partners are ALWAYS invited to attend a hypnobirthing class. As couples work together, their relationship grows and strengthens. Their bond with baby is enhanced and the feelings of love, nurture and connection are amplified.

What an incredible gift to give your baby.

Hypno – Breathing

HYPNO-BREATHING is part of the Hypnobirthing programme which teaches breathing patterns that directly impact the way you experience birthing! Techniques that are scientifically proven to switch on your INSTINCTIVE ability to work effectively with the birthing system of your body. Your body knows how to birth and your baby knows how to birth. Correct breathing patterns help you to work with both your body and your baby and not get in the way.

I trained with a mum who said she breathed and slept through her whole labour thanks to hypnobirthing.

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The Mind and Birthing

Expectation is a Predictor of Outcome

The mind loves familiar – right or wrong, good or bad. Expectation is a clear predictor of outcome. What you truly believe about birthing (on a deeper inner level) will play out in your experience. The powerful skills you learn with hypnobirthing enable you to understand how all the pieces of the “birthing puzzle” fit together. You reclaim your right and privilege to birth instinctively- the way your body and mind were designed to.

There are many cultures and tribes around the world who do not experience the “horrors” of birth. They calmly and naturally “breathe their babies out”. They have maintained the Instinctive Wonders of birthing through generations of time!

Instinctive Wonders: Breathe – Believe – Change – Discover

Long, painful births are a learned perception. TV, movies, media, and those horror stories people like to tell, have influenced our expectation of birthing and created “familiar” beliefs about how it is. When we change old, unwanted beliefs to a new empowering, positive understanding, then make those new learnings “familiar”, our birth experience changes for the better.

Note: All birth experiences are different. Sometimes there are unexpected turns along the way. The Hypnobirthing techniques can be utilised in any situation to allow you to remain calm, centred, and in control so you can have a positive experience whatever the situation.

Your birth experience will be forever remembered! If you want to create a positive birth experience and awaken your ability and strength to birth calmly and instinctively, contact me now.



Shelia Kitzinger

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Being a Parent can be scary…HELP IS HERE

The skills and techniques you learn will also support your parenting journey. They will help you feel calm and confident as you make decisions about your precious new baby. Being a parent, especially for the first time, can feel very overwhelming and even scary! (YES, it is OK to admit this.) Our personal self concept can be challenged and our confidence eroded away as we judge ourselves on any little “hiccups” that come along. Lack of sleep, a routine in shambles, and that “helpful” advise that you just don’t need adds further challenges to the journey.

Mothering has been done for thousands of years and YOU know how to mother instinctively too!

The Instinctive Birthing/ Hypnobirthing Programme will offer you various resources that can be utilised to help you tune into your intuition, and natural inner knowing. You will feel more focused and at ease as you make day to day decisions and build a deeper, nurturing bond with baby. Dad’s can use these tools as well. Adapting to his new parenting role has challenges too and being able to maintain a clear, calm, confident mind will enable him to better support mum and baby as well as enjoy this new experience more fully. As parents, ensuring that your needs are met and working together to parent in a way that feels right for you, further strengthens your relationship with each other and your bond with your baby.

It’s a win, win, win!

As an added bonus to the course, you will receive a SHORT Post Partum recording that will guide you to a relaxed, calm and peaceful state quickly and easily. It will help you reclaim your confidence, strength and focus. You will connect with feelings of compassion and love while engaging with excitement and curiosity as you explore your parenting journey.

You can listen to this recording as often as you want/need and you will find the benefits will flow from you to your baby, embedding feelings and beliefs of safety, love and acceptance which are vitally important for a little person who is learning.




Breath Work is “exploding” around the world right now and for good reason. There are near epidemic levels of physical and mental health problems, stress, anxiety, Long Covid issues and concerns. Medical professionals and services are struggling to keep up with the demands for health care that are required to find solutions to the “layers” of illness that are now presenting.

And dysfunctional breathing habits/patterns are compounding these issues.

Everyone needs to breathe to stay alive but the breath so so much more than that! Most people take 20 – 25,000 breaths a day (yes, you read that correctly) so it’s important to ensure we have good breathing habits. It is fundamental to good health, a strong mind and longevity. Every cell of the body is directly affected by the way in which you breathe. The breath impacts every system in your body, every organ (including the uterus), immunity, mental functions and sleep patterns. Your ability to handle stress and to detox your body, is directly influenced by your ability to breathe correctly. Every experience, every emotion, every thought has an associated breathing pattern and by simply understanding and controlling the breath you can make phenomenal changes in your life.

Simple Techniques Can Be Life Changing

Breathing down into the lower area of the lungs, moving the diaphragm muscle down and the tummy out, is vitally important for health and wellbeing. The lower part of the lungs has 10 times more blood capillaries so absorbs more oxygen when you inhale deeply. There are so many benefits to deep, slow, conscious breathing. It promotes the formation of white blood cells to boost the immune system, helps the body absorb nutrients more efficiently, burns fat and detoxes the body. Oxygen is transported (by the blood) to the detoxing organs including: the lymphatic system, kidneys, colon, and uterus for women. Waste, fat and toxins are released from the cells in an exchange for oxygen and then breathed out through the lungs.
So deep breathing is the ULTIMATE CLEANSING mechanism.

Breathing patterns and breathing re-training is a vast area of study, however learning a few simple, correct techniques can be life changing!

If you want to be more productive, efficient, creative, focused, and calm find a few moments a day to bring your attention to your breath and discover what a phenomenal tool it truly is.

Helpful Hint: Place the tip of your first finger at the base of your thumb on either hand (or both) and notice how DEEP your breath goes!


Change Your Mind, Change Your LifeHow Does The Mind Work?

(These concepts are an integral part of Hypnobirthing)

The mind is a very complex subject, so without going into deep, extensive neuroscience, the mind (for these purposes) can be understood by some simple concepts.
Understanding these basic ways the mind works gives you power to tap into your inner resources, create positive change and discover wonderful possibilities in your life.

These concepts are an integral part of Hypnobirthing

What You Focus On, You Get More Of Because One Of The Strongest Forces In Humans Is The Need To Act In A Way That Consistently Matches Our Inner Thinking

  • The part of the mind that determines our beliefs, behaviours, habits and responses is the deeper subconscious mind. Positive or negative change happens in this part of the mind.
  • The mind is like our own personal computer. From our very first experiences, to right now, our computer is monitoring and storing all the information associated with every experience.
  • The #1 priority of our subconscious mind is to keep us safe and alive so any experiences that are perceived as “unsafe” or “negative” are highlighted, allowing the mind to constantly scan our environment and experiences for same or similar dangers. This is called “pattern matching” and works to keep us safe or to avoid danger.
  • The subconscious mind considers pain (emotional and physical), fear, rejection, embarrassment, guilt, shame etc as “unsafe” and will always aim to protect us from them. (This can create a number of “safety behaviours” such as avoidance, procrastination and self sabotage.)
  • Your subconscious mind is hardwired to resist what is unfamiliar and to return to what is familiar – this is a protective mechanism to keep us safe. Your mind tries to bring up resistance when change begins to happen – this is another protective mechanism.
  • Resistance is fuelled by fear and fear wants you to keep doing exactly what you’ve always done because that feels familiar and therefore safe. It uses resistance to ensure that you never change.
  • What you focus on, you get more of. Humans are driven to act in a way that is consistent with our inner thinking, beliefs and what feels familiar. Change your thoughts and make what you want familiar. Then notice how your life changes.
  • The subconscious mind learns by repetition and your habits are formed by repetition. Neurons (cells that communicate) that fire together, wire together. This wiring, or connection is called a “neural pathway.”  These neural pathways allow thoughts and actions that we repeat over and over again to become familiar and automatic.
  • Through hypnosis, you can “up-date” your internal computer and make what you want familiar!
  • Change Your Mind – Change Your Life!

If You Are Curious About The Powerful Inner Resources You Can Tap Into, Contact Me Now To Find Out More.